New York fashion Week

newly certified fashion assistant about to spew some opinions!
NYFW has so far been a little mehh, and like a true recessionista, i zeroed in on the dark stuff(no stains,no fuss,wear everyday,keep forever)
my faves at the moment are...
-ACNE for the sheer hooch-ery of their plastic trousers!I'm at a loss for where one would wear these,but if you figure out somewhere appropriate please let me know...what?I'm not allowed be cool and see through?!
Alexander Wang was tidy...dark,and a little cut up but still gawjus!
this dress is a little Balmain but i love it nevertheless!!
my future is SO GOLD!
these are my standouts so far...more later.
ps.I am one step closer to Nicolas Ghesquiere by way of my boss who has been invited to Paris Fashion Week, and has a ticket to Balenciaga's show!!
bon nuit!

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