i just learnt how to use 'tinypic'!!i'm so excited 'cause usually i cant even remember where the ON button is on the computer..
anywhoo incompetence and inadequacies aside,my mate Dani of Cut&Swallow-house of couture,kick and soul-is opening an online boutique selling unwanted clothing(some brand spanking new!!),and she asked me to style the shoot!!
fun times were had by all, and even my bad photography and lack-of-scene-capturing-ability couldn't take away from how laid back and fun the shoot was...
kinda fug but i liked it on the day.
(Primark bandage skirt,childhood H&M t-shirt and my trusty Converse)
one of my fave looks of the day.Yasmin aka 'one-take-betty' and Sam the coolest photographer there is!maybe i'm not such a bad moment-capturer..i caught a high five between sam and dani!
Sophia is super-cool and she owns like 100 pairs of shoes!
the boutique is now up and running and everything's very chic and cheap!


danDan said...


I didn't know you had a blog, you secretive so and so. xxx

sambaylissibram said...

haha how red i'm i! is there any more pics// shld blog this w/ behind the scene shiz xo