Fit For a DIME

okay so its official...RocaWear, BabyPhat and all them other 'for us by us' labels can go suck toes whilst we burn every over-priced piece of clothing they ever produced and tried to pass off as fashion...
anyhow ranting aside, DIMEPIECE are going all out with their F/W collection!
And by all out i mean in lieu of printing a bunch of nonsense words on some tees and going to town with a glue-gun and some diamontes, they actually hired a designer!!The result....
printed leggings,slogan t-shirts and studded batty riders....right up my alley mate
oh yeah and Cassie looks well great!
'ave a look...
this takes me back to this,and excites me because clothed-nudity=seksy (net vests need not apply)
this shoot sizzles like pork sausages in a frying pan.

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