I Ride Mandingo

"there's a party on the hill will you come?
will you bring bread, butter or jam?"
In all seriousness though if an acquaintance(who you know is a walking advertisement for unnecessary-amateur-dramatics-in-public) comes to your civilised get together

A). wearing a buttery leather shirt with the sleeves rolled up 
and B). carrying a half-drunk bottle of Henny

would you kick him out of the party 'cause he might start casting PARRR-ASH-UNS on little girls lives?
would you shut your mouth because you know you were in the wrong for giving Taylor Swift an award that rightfully belonged to Beyonce?

YES I'M TALKING TO YOU MTV!i don't care what you would do because your systemic racism sucks and you deserve all the armshouse Kanye West has brought and ever will bring to your mums house...


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