London Fashion week!

Oh Em Gee i hear MARK FAST is on the market for a new stylist *raises hand* i'm about to do some major begging of friendship because his collection is AMAAAHZE.
its an obvious one for me seeing as i champion body-con, but i love how there's more to it than just some tight dresses with bits cut moment i'm seeing high-quality cobweb the next moment i'm seeing fish scales?!!? 


*le sigh*

DANIELLE SCUTT needs to stop doing this before i catch a serious case.
her collection's a little like this: 1part pilgrim+5parts sweetheart+1part quarter back+3parts sexy=right up my alley...
just the sweetest collection,I love how she made the shoulders look sweet and romantic but still really strong and structural AND how did she use a palette of predominantly black,pink,red and white and not end up with some emo reject collection?!?!



again *le sigh*

Neffertitian Orgy at PPQ... seduced by the geometry,Adidas references,wide pegged trousers and Sessilee...all very necessary in my life ASAP



and again *le sigh*

all these brights all this excitement!i dont even care if it looks tacky-or jocked DVF's Obama dress a little





Jackie said...

Yes! I read about that in the paper that Mark Fast put size 12-14 models on the catwalk and people got all up in arms about it. I think its about time they put more average sized women on the catwalk! I can't say I like his designs, but the women look great :)

Florie said...

i love evrything about the collection+the girls look great but the hoopla kinda took away from his genius as a knitwear designer..