My Best Friend's Wardrobe

This post is a public proclamation of mine and Amber Rose's imaginary friendship-which makes perfect sense since our boyfriends make music together and whatnot.
In my head its a great multi-faceted friendship,we get eachother on a 2D level...sometimes we wanna be the hottest chicks at the party who everyone wants to skank with-case in point figure 1.1
I can imagine us championing body-con together,drinking strongbow before hitting the club,and doing hold-ups at American Apparel 'cause we need bitch dresses and our boyfriends forgot to deposit money in our accounts!
Other times I can totally imagine us sharing spliffs and secrets and eating peanut butter once the 'munchies' set in.
 see figure 1.2

just generally indulging in things of this nature...



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