So its primetime groupie weekend in MIA, and whilst everyone is out there securing alimony and rent cheques, am here in LDN doing a dissertation?!?NOOOOO
This is not how i envisaged my life panning out, higher-education was meant to be a stop-gap before my move onto bigger n better things like.. i dunno.. charging my asos purchases to TJ Houshmenzadeh's bank account (dont give me O.O google him betch), 
so lets commiserate together about the things I don't have but could attain if i were in miami this weekend...the heat,the glamour,the sex,Daria's fucking long ass  unnecessary legs

Also this is one of the reasons why Carine Roitfeld is still the biggest G the fashion industry has ever seen(f*ck prunface Wintour). Bar the blackface debacle of '09, her work is always amazing and French Vogue is in my estimation as great as Italian Vogue...
**le sigh**
...point out the delusional slag that wouldn't want to live this editorial for a weekend and i'll show you a liar liar pants on fire.



Simpli-c-t said...

i love some of those outfit....x

Simpli-c-t said...
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Florie said...

i LOVE the red skirt ensemble!