Bald Head.Thick.Zulu Boned

I hate to be a contributor in the whole good hair/bad hair debate that always comes up in the politics of black beauty, but i'm black, used to perm my hair, wore extensions and lusted over lace fronts [circa 2005 before they became available in Upton Park market for like a tenner.. totally butters] and so i'm allowed to stick my 2pence in.. 
Anyways the reason why i'm posting this is because i dont think people realise how massive it is to say 'fuck it' and decide to be the only bald bitch on the train/bus/tram/tandem etc.
Without taking away from people who involuntarily lose their hair through illness-because they're the bravest of the brave-shaving your hair off is the most terrifying-yet liberating-experience, if you're a girl that's been brought up to uphold good old Barbie as the standard of beauty.
I don't have a major opinion to toss into the ring i just think society needs to look past the stereotypical construct of femininity, and understand that hair does not a woman maketh...
We care so much about the redundant opinions of others when reaaaaally we should be focusing, on living that good sick-n-filthy-all-black-errythang-barbie-bitch-don-diva-nuvo-patron-stanky-jerkkin life.


Anonymous said...

peace! my name is porsha i live in new york city and i just started my fashion blog! i love it bcos i too shaved my head yesterday! of course i knew that the "groupthinkers" were going to throw in their hateful comments but i know their programmed behavior and i have mastered it so now its like i dont give a fuck its hair its not like i got a sex change! but your blog is awesome!! peace!

Florie said...

YESSS good for you Porsha!i think more girls are realising that its not about what others think..
In my case i felt held back by how unattractive i thought i'd be to a bunch of dumbass guys!bottom line i realised that my life is my own, even though a few friends tried to warn me off doing it i didnt give a SHIT because i did it for ME.

Shukura Li said...

iknow what u mean i cut my hair tooo

its terrifying at 1st but so liberating the 2nd i get my hands on a dig camera ican change my profile pic



Florie said...

can't wait to see!!i love that everyone is embracing short hair instead of wasting time and energy on weave and hair growing potions!