Being king of the urbanites, it was only a matter of time before Alexander Wang's S/S10 collection received the highstreet treatment, and got knocked-off for we poor cretins.. We for whom running our fingers over beautifully over-locked jersey seams is but a mere dream *dribbles*
i know how salty some people get about fakes and i understand no one wants a Samantha-Fake-Fendi-esque fiasco, but in this case i really think ASOS have done a good job!Besides its still a recession.. therefore making it hard out here for a pimp to pay rent, let alone buy garms for a wardrobe update
Topshop and Nastygal both have commendable versions.. tempted as i am to go raglan/marl/chiffon crazy i have one reserve about these knock-offs and it involves this..
..i just know the streets of London will be saturated with those sloreish *Watermelon Dance Studios kids trying to flash maximum skin whilst doing their best Jennifer-Beals and Irene Kara's :[

*for fear of a defamation suit please insert other exotic fruit name here for yourself.

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