Ashley Livingston bka Azmarie

ladies and gents of the court if you please feast your eyes on my no kissing, no sexing, strictly-hand-holding future girlfriend, new model Azmarie! i came across her through photographer Shareem Khan's blog.. after some savvy internet stalkage i found out she's been making waves as the fittest baldie about for a couple of seasons now.. 'ave a gander
S/S 10 cassette playa lookbook

Gerlan S/S 10 show

i love how regal she looks, despite the fact that i'm not actually gay i would probably try my best to make her my girlfriend of some sort. beautiful bone structure, toned as a betchh and she's covered in pseudo-prison tatts?!
i have died as gone to fake-lesbian heaven.i swear.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a lesbian, but dear god, she's sexy as hell :DD

Anonymous said...

Since I first laid eyes on AzMarie on ANTM, I have been in love!!!! I am not a lesbian, I actually have a boyfriend of 10 years. But damn, AzMarie will make me leave him for just a chance with her. I have died and went to lesbian heaven. She is soooo handsome and sexy all at the same time. My mind is like "what da fuck." I would definitely jump gender lines for a piece of her ass. Luv ya Az!!!!!