the Oscars

so the Oscars were boring as usual.. but infused with plenty of shade and side-eye if i'm to believe the word on the tweets??
everyone wore really expensive gowns and jewels from Lorraine Schwarts and yadda yadda *another one of those events i refuse to care about till i'm rich enough to be detached from the realities of peasant life*
then I saw what Carey Mulligan wore OMGROFLMAOSTFUWTF she managed to look beautiful and modern and classic and chic and youthful in PRADA. she's a dreamboat!I wouldnt usually say this cause she always looks abit boring and washed out, but I'm really happy to say i can see her as my future fake-lesbian girlfriend [no lipsin ting strictly platonic hugging and head stroking]

SIDENOTE: did anyone see Lisa-who-are-ya-Butcher acting as the BBC breakfast fashion correspondent stumbling over her words and relating every ensemble back to her personal choices?!who was the stroke of genius behind pissing me off with her incompetence so early on a Monday morning???

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