Recession Who??

I'm sorry but i refuse to take Milan Fashion Week seriously until I have a yacht, botox parties and an orange, leathery husband that haemorrhages money... you know till I'm rich enough to be detached from the realities of normal-peasant life.

D&G tried to do 'serious' modern-woman fashion with their reinterpretation of the black jacket *YAWN* We may be in a time of reflection but what under 25 is actually interested in wearing 10000000 different black bloody jackets??not i, these looks from the collection however, were quite pucker!
who doesn't love a bit of luxe leisure-wear!
*jog jog fashion baby.. *
Francesco Scognamiglio
-bling, sheer blouses and a few infusions of Alaia, this collection was made to hold a place in my heart of this i'm sure..
certainly detached from reality but definitely SEX.ON.LEGS

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GeekyBelle said...

I'm new to your blog and catching up on all you've been saying...creepy I know but the comment about an orange hubby that hemorrhages money...girrrrrl yes! Love your blog, the fashion and the short hair!