S/S 10

would you looky here!
the new Hellz Bellz collection arrived a few days ago and I only just noticed due to my catatonic mental state. I really like this label because they aren't stuck in some 80's-clubkid-gaudy-slogan-t-shirt-revival like most and they usually shoot with Brook Nipar who I absolutely LURVE!here's a few shots from their lookbook...

It's always interesting to see how the 'streetwear' labels interpret the same trends the major labels try so hard to intellectualise-pray thee turn ones mind a few weeks back to the D&G F/W10 womenswear collection and its purpose being the food chain from :The Recession->Austerity in Fashion->Subjectivity Over Timeless Garments(in their case the black jacket).
but back to Hellz, I'm kinda unconvinced they've created a collection on "an obscure view of modern fashion and the obsession that it becomes" AKA the modern excessive passion for fashion AKA not eating for a month in order to save up for a pair of ACNE Atacoma' s(dammit i will make this happen) BUT I sure as Hellz wouldn't say no!

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