Birkin Shmirkin

i will probably never own an Hermes Birkin bag 
*Le Sigh*
but i'll be damned if i don't try to find something else to fill it's absence from my life..
i found this "vintage" leather bag wedged under some old mouldy duvets in my shed and couldn't resist giving it a new home on my arm.. and in my heart
wearing bag:vintage / t-shirt:H&M / scarf:unknown / Disco Pants:American Apparel / wedges:Debenhams / jewels:Urban Outfitters and childhood trinkets / 
i don't know what look i was going for but Andre J said i looked sexy and that's all that matters right?!
ps.after my recent obsession with pastels can you believe i spent the first full spring day in all black errrythang?! 


fashionfashionfashion said...

Oh Florie! You are fierce girl! Love what you are wearing!!! WERK!

Oz x

Florie said...

thank you papi!!x

InnyVinny said... are gorgeous. Your cut is LOVE (and I need it now...if not sooner).

This picture with AndreJ is GIVING ME LIFE!!!!!

Florie said...

i do my own buzzcut!but i usually end up bald for about 2 days :[

That London girl said...

ahhhh these photos are soo pretty
*coughs* buff ting #nohomo

Florie said...

you want to love me you think im sexy.. ask me out!!!go on i dare ya!

The CultureCynic said...

U r a HOT PIECE!!! the hair the attitude, the persona...IT's all HAPPENIN' and i am digging it!!!

Florie said...

so are you!!and thank you madam!