i want to drink Chai Tea Latte's and paint my nails everyday
being in fulltime education is a severe hindrance on these plans

Maybe I will get a job
Get a job as a waitress
Maybe waiting tables in a diner
In some remote city down the highway


angela said...


I saw you on Fashizblack, so I decided to go on your blog, because I really love your style and you've got great inspirations.


Florie said...

WOW!!i didnt even know about that!thanks for letting me know babe, and checking out the blog!

angela said...

A bon?! (sorry but I don't know how to say that in english :P)

On your blog that's not just you and your outfits, there are so much things, which can inspire people I think.
So you're welcome.

Ps:can I beg you sthg?
I will be in london next week, and I wanted to know if you've got good shopping adresses.


Florie said...

thank you angela!i try to post about lessons that i learn in everyday life, because i dont have a journal i use the blog as my diary..
-you have to go to brick lane just because its amazing!on sunday they have a market and there's loads of bargains as well as yummy food!
-portobello rd is cool even if you don't buy anything its still a nice place to walk around.
-the one absolutely amazing place you need to go to is Oxfam on Sheperds Bush high street.. its amazing the things you'll find in there!loads of second hand designer goodies!
-Carnaby street and Oxford street these are musts for all tourists even though there's not much to see :/ but whilst you're in that area definitely check out a shop called Beyond Retro because they have amazing stuff in there that's either vintage or second hand and very well priced!
have fun whilst you're here!

angela said...

Thank you Florie, for all the good places you gave me.
I will be there on wednesday, and I'm so excited!

Thanx again ;D
X Angie