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I've been away doing some important stuff but I'm back because I wanna know if anyone else dresses really retarded and names the retarded outfits after real-life semi-retarded people?!because i do this.. very often..
So I have this thing for Amber Rose (my love for her stems from the fact that two years ago she was stripping in a club in Philly and now she goes to Paris Fashion Week, does sexytimes with Kanye, wears Alex Wang, and probably has shares in American Apparel.. ps.all of these things are my idea of heaven)
Digression aside, whenever i'm busy, uninspired and cant be bothered to dress in a way that is pleasing to anyone's eye, let alone my own, i come up with 'Amber' outfits(base component SPANDEX).. and today was an 'Amber in The Countryside' day
Denim Jacket: Charity Shop / Unitard: American Apparel / Desert Boots: New Look / Bag: sister's / Scarf: unknown
i guess i'm back to being a tight pants wearing ass chica..


The CultureCynic said...

LOLZ!I dont care what anyone bloodysays about Amber but i LOVE her!! she is a spandex warrior and i commend her dedication. U r pulling this off so well i must say.

Florie said...

girl i'm trying to break my spandex dependancy!but Amber pulls me back into it.. its like a drug!

InnyVinny said...


If I could do this without looking like a hooker, I would do it every day. EVERY.DAY.

Florie said...

i look like a hooker and i STILL do it :/