Romans 8:28

beginning of this year, i had a really long list of things i needed, some more important than others, but necessities nonetheless
top of the list was to obtain my degree and not commit suicide/die of stress in the process..
and i did it!!i didnt kill myself, and got a 1st class honours degree I'm shocked, amazed and completely overcome with joy!God is actually really good he gives you that extra spurt of perseverance you aren't able to muster up yourself when all kinds of crazy things try to derail you(eg. losing half your dissertation a week before hand-in etc.)
all things work together for good for those who love the Lord (lazy summary of Romans 8:28) 
this must also mean if i just pray really hard and keep riding for Jesus I'll be able to get my dream graduation outfit...right?
Dress; RM by Roland Mouret, Pumps; Christian Louboutin, Clutch; Alexander Wang, Necklace; Wear Wolf, Ring; Alkemie+Wolf, Earrings; H! by Henry Holland
i kind of know for a fact that all this stuff in unobtainable in the space of two weeks especially when i'm working with £0.00 moneys, so I'm leaving it up to GOD to materialise all the items on my polyvore list by some miracle... failing this, i'm probably going to have to make the dress myself
And because i cannot sew/pattern-cut etc. to save my life, i'm going to be singing this little ditty(see below) for the next few weeks and keep believing...
ps. I dont know if anyone else has Colby's Clubhouse memories.. but when i was 8/9 i was OBSESSED with it and decided i was going to be a back-up dancer on the show then become a Church Minister.. (i kind of blame Beyonce for the fact i convinced myself i could sing to legitimise my tragic thirst for fame, thereby quiting my church life for a rhinestoned-hot-pants life)
pps. if you're not a Christian/religious person and you're angry you just read this i'm NOT SORRY!..muhhahahahahaha


InnyVinny said...


Florie said...

THANK YOU!!i'm taking all my graduation money and investing in a tug boat,some clingfilm(to keep my passport dry),and a map from London to LA...ROADTRIP/BOATTRIP!!Fefe's coming too!

Platform Princess said...

Ok, so... First time visitor to your blog and I've decided that I'm in love with you a little bit.
You are beautiful, you have no hair (which make you more beautiful) & you make me want to stick leopardy-things to all my shoes.

That is all ;-)


Florie said...

aww thank you so much!i talk shite 90% of the time so it really makes me happy that people actually read the blog and have nice things to say about it!