In Every Woman Is The Girl She Left Behind

Growing up I'm pretty sure i was one of those kids that people would look at and worry for..
you know the kind that get pulled aside by the Sunday school teacher for lectures on Church-appropriate clothing, or the kind that pray to start their periods so they can finally get tiddays..
yeah that was me through and through.
i was always eager to get my youth over and done with so i could move on and become an adult
so its kind of ironic that i feel more young and carefree than i ever have, despite this being the most grown-up stage of my life...
i'm going all out with this delayed childhood thing and dressing like a 12year old! I've also been contemplating adding some cycling shorts to my uniform of t-shirts, cutt-offs and flats, but the last time i owned a pair they were made by OshKosh B'Gosh so maybe that's a sign that i should leave the idea in the dust.. 
anywhoo in case you haven't sussed already from the post title, today's throwback video is form Now and Then,
i remember watching this film over and over and over and wishing my friends and i were them..
i was such a Teeny(3:10).. who were you?


Anonymous said...

I was such a ramona... by the way this is one of my fave movies of all time!

Hopeless Addict

InnyVinny said...

I don't ever plan on growing all the way up. This grown up shit is played.

Florie said...

yess growing all the way up is dumb i'm tryna only do the grown up thing when i absolutely need to ..
eg.when purchasing alcohol, going to the club etc.

Maga'§tyle said...

georgous !