Hero to Zero

sooooo ummm yeahhh.
this is the reason why i think we ALL need a nice healthy dose of FACEFRONT every now and again.
it's embarrassing to have to tell the fairest one of all that he looks like a prat when he dances.. and that we prefer him with his mouth shut because his song sounds like the noise that mermaids and mermen make when they're caught in fishing wire.. like pretty-people noise

Uncle Karl is really rude for endorsing this instead of saying 'Face Front into the Camera sweetie, pay no mind to that recording mic that's rubbing against your cheek'.. really fucking rude.
every time i watch the video i use the picture below to remind myself he is a sex-god and therefore deserves my love and adoration.. not my ridicule



B said...

Oh my! I couldn't agree more, some ideas are just awful. This has ruined him slightly.

duckalicious said...

ummm ... what is this?

Florie said...

it makes my soul sad so I choose not to question it and instead blame uncle Karl for EVERYTHING!

Felicia|DaLipstickBandit said...

yummmmmmy yummy though

Florie said...

i know.. we'll just give him a sexy-dudes-get-out-of-jail-free card