Brown Paper Bag

I had a little time to indulge in some DIY shenanigans over the weekend so I pulled out the 6metres of top quality cream leather (I also have 8metres in metallic blue)that's been sitting in my wardrobe of years now, and decided to make something. True to form I got lazy midway through making a pattern for the leather pants I was initially creating, and instead made a simple brown paper bag! I'm actually working on something else with the leather but don't watch this space because knowing me it'll just end up being some cushions, a rug ..or even some curtains, who knows?
 seriously trying to get out of the habit of freehanding my DIYs because the outcome is always really disappointing, but in this case I think I like it.. might have to invest in a nice tan suede next time
ps. I'm literally sleeping in these Deena&Ozzy ponyskin loafers I got from Urban Outfitters last week, LOVE is not the word.. even though they hurt like a bitch!


Diana said... pony~~~ love how you attach songs/MV's along with your posts :)
awesome! leather looks gorgeousss.
ever thought of jazzing it up with some studs mayhaps?? just a thought ;p xo Diana

Anonymous said...

Great job with the bag! It's really cute! I also love those shoes, they're so cute, I wouldn't mind them hurting haha

Stereo said...

I might actually pay you to make me one of those. Seriously.

Baby Budget Blog said...

Love the matching lips and nails and those flats are gorge!

Florie said...

thsnks everyone, I made it in the space of like an hour so hopefully the next one wont look so shambolic!
@ Diana I'm perusing ebay as I type looking for some gold/brass studs to put on the bottom!

Carolina said...

so awesome!!i am having a giveaway on my blog, that is perfect for spring&summer! a RAD BIKINI by a young Mexican designer! check it out, you wont be disappointed ♥ i promise!

Jen said...

The Shoes - Too Cute


Fashion Me Chic said...

Love your hair and make up.
maybe we cab follow each other?

Andrew said...

Truly awesome creation by you here. I like the way you use simple but impressive idea for this bag creation.

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