I hope everyone's having a good Happy-Birthday-Audrey-Hepburn-week? After watching Breakfast At Tiffany's for the fifth time this week (millionth time since birth), I've decided to find the Holly Golightly within and stop being a messy bizzatch. So in the name of chasing a cleaner aesthetic, I spent my day looking simple, ladylike and un-hefty-this was until I sat down in the bank and realised that not only did I look naked but the sight of my unclothed hefty thighs was also offending people.. double,super-ultra, deluxe fail.
anyway so California Waiting is my Moon River, I just listen to this and imagine my life being a skinny, glamorous, Givenchy-clad, Upper-East Sider..


Rose and Muse said...

People are soo up themselves soo much these days. You have great pair of legs i wonder what they'd say if they saw my legs? hhahahah This is reason why half the nation is so body conscious! Great shorts and shirt!

Indira said...

Lol. I have always thought you had an amazing body, this is coming from a skinty girl. Don't change a thing. That curb shot is bee-yoo-ti-ful.

-Happy Hunting!


Alexis said...

That last image is fire! Love it.x


Stereo said...

SMH. *adjusts my agbada and says in a heavy Nigerian accent* Jealousy-oh! You look hawt as usual, I wouldn't pay any mind to the haters. They ain't messing with your dougie ;)

So we need to hang out it has been decided.

Di said...

hahaha fun post :)
non-stick legs are sexier~ that's why ppl bug out.
love the outfit on you! the pairing of the beautiful loose top with those cute shorts looks fantastic~~~
xo Diana

Florie said...

aww you guys are too nice, but I've made the plunge and started going to the gym again :[ waaaaahhhhhh!
@stereo we better hook this playdate up sha!!

Sarah Jane said...

I found your blog through New Look...I love your style and the music you post is so different from what I listen to but I love it :) I love your blond hair as well (I'm thinking of dying mine burgundy). Great blog and i am definitely a new follower :)

Sarah Jane R.

Sarah Jane said...

By the way, your thighs are not hefty at all. I love when women with actual curves show them off. I wear shorts even though people probably think I shouldn't lol.