This is Molly, she's 16, she's my blog helper, roll deeper, confidante, best friend, worst enemy and little sister. I forced her into letting me take a few shots of her in the shorts from the post below so you could see how good they look and therefore attempt a pair of your own!
Where was I when God and my mum were deciding who got the skinny, long-limb, gorgeous face genes?! No Fairings



Anonymous said...

you are both gorgeous in two different and distinct ways. although I must admit, your curves and blond lightly shaven head put you in a category all of your own. I sure don't see beauty of your kind on the daily.

T E X T U R E said...

I will have to agree with the Anons comment.

Though I will admit after seeing them on her I was convinced. I will have to attempt these at some point.

Bespoke Biddie said...

she's precious!


Musings by Di said...

sister love!
love how you both have your own individual and distinct looks/personalities, but undoubtedly sisters. And seriously...she's all legs!
I'm the same with my sis. We have different body types and everything that looks good on her doesn't on me, and vice-versa. wouldn't want it any other way though~ It's good knowing beauty and style don't fit into one fixed category.
xoxo Diana

Superblondeep said...

Molli is very pretty!! thos short (good job) are amazing!! (I think I told you heheh). thanx for your lovely comment. Love love your blog. ;)

Huda said...

both of you are beautiful ladies. We all have our own genetic fabulousness (if such a word exist, if not I made it up as usual).