I'm a teeny bit obsessed with flatforms at the moment, with these 'match point's from Office having particularly caught my eye. I imagine them on my feet and on my shoe rack so I'm currently trying to convince myself I need them. At £25 they cost next to nothing meaning I could buy them, wear them once, decided I hate them, shove them under my bed and pretend they don't exist.. but I'm forever rationalising -> spending -> regretting -> forgetting and in the back of my head running down lists of how many oreo krushems, chai tea latte's, chicken mcnuggets, eyebrow threadings, acrylic refills, etc etc etc the money could, and more importantly should have covered. So anywehdoh black or white? I'm rather taken with the white.

American Apparel Clutch
Asos Cuffs
Moto Jeans
The Row Fur
Topshop Knit
Office Flatforms



milli said...

enabler...i just bought he black version of these shoes.

Stereo said...

Flatforms have been making my life ever since scooping a couple of sale pairs from Nelly.com. I can't wait to see how you put this outfit together. Let the badassery commence.

S.P. said...

Flatforms take me right the way back to primary school. Had I known they were going to make a comeback I would have kept them (they were too cute).
Strut Mode

The White List said...

Absolutely brilliant!!!


Anonymous said...

just found this blog and pretty much red it in one sitting. you're superb! i've been having a huge winter style crisis and girl you helped a lot!