DIY: Top Finger Ring

I got this from Odessa after she posted it on her instagram (missodessa) the other night, she's a DIY goddess so follow her and get inspired!

You'll Need:
-Copper wire (1mm thick)
-Pliers (I used blunt old scissors),
-Beads (mine were 2.4mm with 1mm holes ..make sure the copper wire isn't too thick to fit into the bead hole)
-Superglue (if you can get your hands on it get some E6000)

1. guesstimate how much wire you'll need and snip
2. bend the wire into the shape you want round your finger
3. apply glue to wherever you want to place your beads
4. wait for the glue to get a little tacky then put the beads on
5. put your hands over your eyes wait for the glue to dry then shout 'tadaaaaah'!

Wearing a H&M bangle, my mum's vintage baroque ring, cheap gold band and NYC 'Lexington Yellow' on my nails. 
For everyone that's asked, I had to soak my acrylics off because I started boxing and trying to hit with them on was impractical and painful. 
I shape my nails with soft files because hard ones tend to make them flake, I use an MUA base coat and NYC nail varnishes (available from Superdrug)!
ps. If your nails flake a lot instead of buffing the flakes off stick em down with superglue and just paint over as normal!



ashi said...

great diy tutorial! it came out looking lovely....I have the same problem with my nails flaking so I appreciate the tips
have a lovely day!

Guyanesesista said...

I'm so gonna do this. I already have all the supplies.

Jess said...

I love this. it's so simple yet pretty

Joy Shana said...

Love it, very creative, love ur nails

Anonymous said...

Love your d.i.y rings! Definitely going to attempt sometime..

S.P. said...

That's so good, and it doesn't even look like you did it yourself. I might have to give it a try.

Rings Australia said...

I especially love because it reminds of the Lord of the Rings! It’s simple, beautiful and elegant.

V.Mango said...

i was thinking of buying some children rings..
But this is a better idea.
Thx !!

Milla said...

You can find top of finger rings on this french online store : !!