New York Fashion Week

so i'm not really one for all the shows 'cause i'm too lazy to be inspired in a practical way...i just stick to one look all year round and make attempts at different variations but my attire remains pretty much uniform, which is kind of why i waited till the end to do the whole NYFW post.

Helmut Lang- understated but retains my interest because she looks like she slit her wrists in a tub then accidentally dropped her camisole in it....beautiful.

Proenza Schouler- all their prints make me imagine an acid trip in a lizard cage,scarily intense and creepy but so amazing...

A.Wang- no prints here but major varsity theme huffing its way around the collection...sheers and quarterback shoulders why ever not.

Easy to surmise from my 3pic post that NYFW's been a bit of a snore...better hope for LFW?

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