Snit it

i'm one of those weird girls who doesnt go to the hair dressers unless i absolutely have to,for fear of them accidentally trimming more than half an inch off my prized ebony mane.
This whole attitude is completely the fault of my mum, who-without getting into the whole socio-political thing about black women,hair and value-thinks you should only have short hair if you're a lesbian or have ring worm(not nits,not head lice, just ringworm)
i'm not holding my breath,but i think i've finally grown past the point where my appearance isn't about what other people find attractive anymore it's simply about what i want...

i'm thinking something short so i can play around with it like Sessilee

and maybe avoid a few combs and hairbrushes from time to time like Freja

i'm not brave enough for an Amber
i dont have the inclination,time or patience to obsess over a cockatoo coif
i dont want a mock-Dellal because they look too contrived
I'M STUCK absolutely hate my attachment to my hair but i'm also too scared to take the plunge...


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