Under Pressure Rice Cooker

Suppressing > Offloading
the skill to suppress ones emotions is an amazing weapon to possess because fundamentally its a form of misguided selflessness
upon observation, i've found that off-loaders are selfish shits who assume their problems/fuckery are bigger than the person on the other end of the phone
suppression is one of my finer skills of self-preservation
people only think i'm a good listener because i don't talk
eg.i'll tell you i'm upset+threaten to jump off the edge of my bed but never give you specifics of the problem
when we suppressants decide to offload its EPIC 
like 'Nakasaki and Hirojima' epic...
but only in our heads..
*drops the mic and falls slow motion to the ground*
*Le Sigh*
beautiful shoot by Vanina Sorrenti featuring Shalom Harlow for iD mag(Flesh and Blood issue '09)

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this is worrying