Youth In Revolt

youth |yoōθ|
noun ( pl. youths |yoōθs; yoōðz|)[in sing. the period between childhood and adult age he had been a keen sportsman in his youth.• the state or quality of being young, esp. as associated with vigor,freshness, or immaturity she imagined her youth and beauty fading.• an early stage in the development of something this publishing sector is no longer in its youth.[treated as sing. or pl. young people considered as a group middle-class youth have romanticized poverty [as adj. youth culture.• a young man he was attacked by a gang of youths.ORIGIN Old English geoguth, of Germanic originrelated to Dutchjeugd, German Jugend, also to young .
(i refuse to forgive the death of Freddie and Tony (series 1),the generally shit acting and the exaggerated storylines but i still watch it)
currently questioning the concept of 'youth'
  whilst everyone's revelling in theirs,it feels like someone put mine on PAUSE ||

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