If anyone else was at the American Apparel warehouse sale on opening day (friday 2nd) i think you'll agree with me in stating just how lucky they were that there wasn't a mass death of London's PYT's. I'm amazed we managed to avoid any deaths,tramples,riots(only just), or serious injuries.
Needless to say the event was a FAIL and though it went ahead on Saturday morning, i hear the pilgrimage to 81 Brick Lane was a waste of time unless you're a Nu-Rave throwback in search of Acid Wash denim,jersey and spandex.
i got there saw all the kids, apologised to God in advance for what i would do to them if any of them got in the way of me and my lace unitard
after my silent 'open sesame' chanting didn't work,i had a fag and waited for the doors to be opened manually
eventually realised they were serious about not opening the doors when the police arrived
so Dani,Sophia and I bounced(after running in and out of the scrum a few times) to Oxford Street
 we had a fun time buying stuff from stores that weren't AMERICAN APPAREL.. until Dani remembered she needed some Disco Pants which reminded me of how much i love my Disco Pants.. and still love AA passionately despite how they endangered mine and many more lives in an attempt to get rid of dead stock.

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