Dont Believe The HYPE

Melina Matsoukas > Hype Williams
Hard > Massive Attack
I will say this only once (unless some other bonehead decides to hire this fool)
*Hype Williams' creative direction is redundant*
his recent works have been some of the most unfortunate contributions to music video
(Beyonce-Video Phone anyone?!)
what i don't understand is why he chooses to relentlessly FAIL so hard?
 And why he involves innocent people in his basic-budget-bitch endeavours?
i could be bias because I'm a massive fan of Melina Matsoukas, but my fan-dom aside, no one can deny her artistry behind the camera
 she's a woman in a male-dominated profession, she has a strong(sometimes debatable)vision and always delivers high quality videos that celebrate womanhood.. not parade them around like fools in barbie pink Lamborghini's (it this point i must enquire why AmberRose left her fulltime position bearding Kanye to partake in this tomfoolery?)
It's undeniable that Massive Attack is an attempt to recreate the militancy of the Melina-produced Hard 
what's also undeniable is that it FAILS miserably at doing so probably doesn't help that the song is muito merda.. probably because Sean Garrett cant sing and Nicki Mingeface cannot rap. 


Anonymous said...

i completely agree he needs to stop.

InnyVinny said...

You're absolutely right. Hype's time was in the 90's and he needs to sit down.

I hadn't seen the Hard video, but damn if these aren't similar as hell.

PS - you're my new girl crush. Kthanks.