This Is England

Outside it looks like this
but inside i feel like this..
well just the songs and the colours and the clothes.. Jem can keep all her emotions i have my own
wearing:jewels-Urban Outfitters / shirt-H&M / Leggings-NewLook / Combats-Primark
here's hoping spring/summer decides to rear its pretty self again so i can enjoy my entire collection of pastel-coloured mens shirts minus stupid scarves
till then i'll just keep dressing like a Jem and the Holograms reject and continue talking about cruising down the Blackwall Tunnel with the top down in my pastel pink Barbie Bentley with Lilac racing stripes
.real talk no gimmicks.


Hannarnia said...


Florie said...

life would be so much fun if we were 80's cartoons

jennifer@lyssa said...

you look so cute!