Fake It Till You Make It

I had the most CRAPPY week..
spent 50% of my time telling myself 
before i kind of realised that I've probably been watching Showgirls a little too much.. ya know
 just because POP refuse to answer my daily e-mails begging for an internship doesn't mean to say i'll somehow end up working as the main attraction at club Cheetah... (not to mention there isn't even a club Cheetah in London) 
anywhoo i picked myself out of my Nomi-inspired sweet dream/beautiful nightmare, shed the spandex, got myself into some work attire and out into the world of professional opportunity... 
wearing: necklace; primark / body; Topshop / belt; Primark / slacks; H&M / platforms; Office / Sack; Topshop
time to leave the spandex to the strippers.
it's only fitting that i'm embarrassingly obsessed with this song right?!


InnyVinny said...

I love you in those trousers. NOw that that's out of the way, spandex is not just for strippers. Don't give them that power. =P

Email the editor in chief at Pop...that should get you a response.

Felicia|DaLipstickBandit said...

Because of your tweets, "prostitution is not my portion" is also my personal mantra. I say it around the house randomly..it does help. You're going to get the job you want. Why? Because you're Florie and you're awesome and you have tenacity! Grit and spit and elbow grease!! You got this!

Fashion Fabrice said...

Darling., ho-yourself ain't gonna solve anything! ;) hhahaha GREAT outfit i love it! Loved your text:)
ANd omg I loooovee this song! Im getting water in my mouth when im looking at chris' tattoos..argh..


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Florie said...

yeah i think i'm starting to realise that prostitution would only be my portion if i was using the money to support a crack habit rather than a shoe habbit!but thank you all for the concern!

**OnYxStA** said...

LOVE the trousers!!


Florie said...

thanks hun h&m all the way!