Resourceful Procrastination

I don't know about everyone else, but i rely on the symbiosis of my procrastination to get me through the week.. its really fulfilling when one time wasting exercise ties in with another equally time wasting manoeuvre-albeit with a very thin philosophical realisation.
--the sun came out and it was hot, very, very hot(slight exaggeration).. this made me think of sitting in a dirty bar somewhere in the tropics swallowing donuts, drinking coronas and snacking on dried prawns--
--WATCHED Death Proof because drinking beer and giving old dusty/slimy/creepy men lap dances is a DREAM of mine (minus the psychopathic tendencies and gory death)
--READ The Rum Diary because the whole book is testament to the fact that there is no such thing as a perfect-tropical-paradise-getaway-heaven-place.. no matter where you go there will ALWAYS some crazy bastard ready to ruin your life and turn you into a pile of mince.. even though i haven't been able to get myself past page 81 yet, i have a feeling Chenault might do the whole tragic-death-courtesy-of-a-kerrazzzy-man thing (crazy dude being Yeamon
--WORE a 70's, Tarantino-esque ensemble to really get in the spirit of things.. despite all the fatalities, i still want a shack on the beach in Bahia, a jukebox, 3 crates of Coronas, 5 pitchers of Margaritas and Caipirinhas, my girls and a crazy psychopath (Christian Bale circa American Psycho.. yes please)!
tshirt; H&M  / shorts; Beyond Retro / bag; Vintage / plimsolls; River Island
and there you have it, one day perfectly procrastinated away.. bad grammar.. i'm sorry.
ps. would anyone care to join me as i try to make this cruel summer a reality?


InnyVinny said...

I would. We could do some fly cross-continental summer thang. It'll be fun.

Florie said...

no idea on specifics but so far i know we're gonna need plenty moneys and someone willing to kidnap Christian Bale (me)
ps.we can dismantle our bunk beds for wood to make the shack!

Felicia|DaLipstickBandit said...

i'm in! can we make this a #nhdc adventure...hmmm....who would i kidnap??? probably someone prettier than me like michael ealy or jonathan rhys myers...

Florie said...

CHEAAAA!!yaaaay for running away from life with my No Hair Dont Care crew!OMG i need to add kevin mccall to my kidnap list...i think this may just be the most epic adventure EVER!