The Spoils Of War

I have a strange fear of Janelle Monae, I dont know why or when i developed it, but its there,
(i have the same problem with Neyo, John Legend, Chrissette Michelle and Jay Electronica ..its a trust thing, i suppose i just don't ever feel like i can trust their faces *shrug*)
whilst the others have failed to convince me to put my irrational fears of them aside, i think miss Monae has won me over!
i first heard this over on Alicia's wonder-emporium of a blog where she posted the video and a lovely abstract by The Culture Cynic herself Chomy

so you think i'm alone?
but being alone's the only way to be
when you step outside
you spend life fighting for your sanity

i kinda cried on the third listen because i appreciate the sentiment and wish my younger self could have been privy to it, because like many others i was once a follower..
There are always going to be people who coerce you into their way of thinking, and you're so busy not knowing yourself that their gripes become your gripes and their wishes become your wishes.. 
its easy to live life under false oppressions, battling for things you don't support and cant even identify..
if you wanna retain your sanity pause the pointless battles, retreat into your own submarine and proceed to resolve the conflicts within yourself.. before you offer yourself up as a soldier for somebody else's cause.
wearing: old stripey top; Gap / shorts; Beyond Retro / Brogues; Debenhams / old satchel and belt; Topshop 
ps.i just looked this over and realised i forgot to add as per always, that you please reserve judgement on my butt and thighs.. i prefer eating peanut butter to doing squats and lunges and stuff..


MyLoveMyLife said...

ok *faints* i am ABSOLUTELY in LOOOOVEEEE with you!! you are sooo beautiful, and shapely, and just INSPIRATIONAL!!! YESSS BABY!! *double snaps up*

duckalicious said...

your granny shoes must be cousins of mine, or mine are knock-offs of yours. probably the latter.

Florie said...

@love my life girl stoooop it before you make me cry/blush!i'm glad you like!living life learning and trying to be okay with the fact that my body doesn't look like MEagan Fox's!

@duck where did you get yours from? coz mine were a fiver in the Debenhams sale about 3years ago, so they're probs the cheapskate cousin of yours!

duckalicious said...

ha, mine are from Deichmann, they were on sale for 8 € plus I got additional discount :D what can I say, I love to shop cheap!

p.s. I think you're hotter than Megan Fox =)

Florie said...

i feel so proud when i get stuff for next to nothing, frugality is an important skill my friend!
ps.i heart you duck!

InnyVinny said...

I loves you, twin. And I'm glad you're warming up to her. She says a lot of great things in song...albeit with strange and scary looks on her face, but still.

Florie said...

i think i may have to stalk her when she comes over here seeing as i'm kind of obsessed with her now thanks to you... just an idea though.

M said...

been reading your blog all day & love it! you speak the truth and keep it up. your style is siiick btw.


Florie said...

thank you so much for taking time to read it!I appreciate everyone that does because i never thought anyone would when i started it!

jeneen nicole said...

Hands down lady,
you have the shape that women kill, steal and get fake injections for!! Dazzzzope"