Loose, Baggy and Saggy

I own maybe 3pairs of trousers, and probably 2pairs of wearable jeans,
over the years they've either been given to charity or turned into cut offs..
I have a strong hatred for structured garments in general, but trousers in particular are the bane of my existence, 
every time i put on a pair and zip 'em up my legs feel like they're incased in cement mixed with rocks and steel 
but today i felt like imitating Cleo from Set It Off so i thought it'd be a good opportunity to put down the spandex for once and try all this saggy, pants-on-the-ground malarkey..
wearing; stripey top: Gap / trousers:H&M / trainers: Converse / Leather sack: Prada
moral of the post is that i've learnt i look like a penguin-jailbird when i wear black trousers for non-work related purposes.. and i really, really like it.. aloooot!
anyone else try something new or get over a clothing phobia recently?
ps.i need someone to please upload a HQ version of Set It Off onto youtube and sometime soon.. 
pps.what's the consensus on dungarees are they kosher for people over the age of 12? because i REALLY want a pair.



duckalicious said...

what are dungarees? the same as overalls? you'd rock those!

Florie said...

yessss like overalls!!i want a pair so bad but so far my friends have said no :[

sly. F.junior said...

yeah !! simply the best , j'adore...

love your piercing too, i want the same but on me i'm not sure ... : )

kiss from Pari$

Florie said...

thanks mr.Sly! i think a septum piercing would look delicious on you, cause you have a gorgeous symmetrical face.. DO IT!x

Chomy said...

hey huneybun....i feel so 'away' from you ya know and thats not good one bit. so here i am dropping by to say HELLO.... Hellllllo bbz.

i say yes to the dungarees!! DOnt be scurrrrrred!!!! i have a few myself, maybe start with one and cut them into a shorter length. i would even venture to wear it with you that way, we can both look 'weird' together lol