The September Issue

There's a point in the British summer when we all collectively pack away our batty-riders, belly tops and barbecues. We give up the pretence and accept that fact that a blistering hot summer is not our portion from GOD.. it never has been and it never will be.
it's at this point that you have to decide what to do with your life for the next 9months (you know before 'summer' comes round and you can chill again), but I think more importantly it's the time of year that requires one to be wary of clothing choices, lest one gets caught up in a random shower of rain whilst running around Oxford st in leather batty riders..


beautifulms said...

Yup my short shorts, minis and vests are neatly tucked away, lol!

Florie said...

i hate jeans and i'm trying to give up leggings so thick tights and batty riders it is!

Anonymous said...

You look hot! And I am completely the same: incredibly lazy but brimming with ambition. Trying to drag myself up and at 'em!


Hippie Bar said...

You look fierce in the shorts.