The Climb

SOOOOOOOOOO.. before i say anything let me just tell you all that though i didn't get a picture with Amber Rose I met her at the Pam Hogg show and she was AMAZINGLY NICE.. i screamed 'I Love You' in her face [she was a foot away from me] and she said 'I Love You To' and smiled at me with teeth then pouted.. i was on the verge of tears the entire show!!!
[i'm performing action replays of this encounter for anyone interested..]
Moving swiftly on..
Aminaka Wilmont S/S2011
I LOVED this collection a little too much, wearable, dissectible and directional all in one!
 the duo behind Aminaka Wilmont are the latest in a long line of designers who've recently explored the theme of Evolution (like the re-emergence of the modern woman yada yada etc blah blah blah) Although Balenciaga (S/S 07) and McQueen (S/S 10) explored the theme on a monumental level, i'm still interested and excited by how different designers interpret it in their own ways..
I feel like Aminaka Wilmont are the McQueen to my Dasha Zhukova.. geddit?!?.. worevahh
I'm a lowly fashion assistant now (and i love every fucking minute don't get me wrong) but soon and very soon I'll be editor in chief of Pop magazine..
over-worked, tired, annoyed, hungry, cold, broke
anyway all i know is that it feels amazing when you can humble yourself enough to be able to appreciate that the lows you're going through are only preparing you for when the peaks start getting progressively higher!


InnyVinny said...

ABSOLUTELY twin. The lows are what make you better when you finally ascend. They're what teach you to appreciate things, be meticulous, and take nothing for granted.

Bust your ass while you're at the bottom. Your future will thank you.

Florie said...

dammit i love you too much for that!I'm so enjoying learning to appreciate all my blessings as they come.. all the lowly things i have to do are just preparing me to appreciate/respect/maintain/cherish the highs when they do come.. which i know they will!

Chomy said...

the work you put in now will get you up there. HAng in there babez!!! As long as you keep you aspirations intact and refuse to downgrade it to match everyone else's expectation, this is but on step to where you are headed. sending you good vibes always:)

Florie said...

I feel so fulfilled!i'm enjoying not being in fulltime education right now.. and thank you for the good vibes, sending twice as many round your way mama!