I Do Stuff

Its been agess everyone I'm really sorry for not imparting my dusty pearls of wisdom/fuckery more frequently, i'm just really busy being all focused and ambitious and blessed and thankful and ting o__o
anwyhoo a few people have e-mailed me asking if i'm a designer? stylist? yada yada..
I realise I haven't actually shared any of my writing with anyone yet.. which is a bit strange because I'm a writer and a stylist and sometime photographer.. right?!
I've gone to the liberty of embedding a link with an edited version of the web/magazine I created for my final year at London College of Fashion.
I'm really precious with everything I do, so if you read anything and feel like criticising it then please fuck off with your opinions because negativity tends to crush my spirit.. mmmkay? good :-]
ps.I'm a real bimbo when it comes to tekkers so don't expect it to be all cool graphics and stuff

It's quite feministy-albeit in a wishy washy way-because I was at a stage in my life where i really had to take things serious or forever hold my peace as the girl who failed a fashion degree..
wrotestyled and photographed the shoot (full set to be seen on my Tumblr) and produced the entire thing all on my lonesome (my incompetence with inDesign probably gave that away.. sorry)
so yeah i was all self-reliant and head-strong and i zulu-warriored my way through the whole thing.

.believe. work really hard. achieve.



InnyVinny said...

So proud of you twin.

Florie said...

[BLUSHES] thank youuuu twin!

Izzy "Elizabeth" Eliza said...

Love the magazine, got to the end of wondering where the rest of it had gone, and your reason behind the ideology really struck a cord as well.

Florie said...

aww i'm glad you read and liked.. i hate showing people my writing so it means alot!