Just Around The River Bend

My tendency to act as some sort of life coach on this blog is ridiculous, I'm sure without a shadow of a doubt that when 30 hits, and my 20's are officially over, I'll look back at this and laugh with derision.
Nevertheless the things I type are the result of mini lessons I'm learning along the way, so please continue to humour me ..and perhaps yourselves? ( :-[ )
Back to the matter at hand though, are Pocahontas and I the only people who were told to go chasing whatever was Just Around The River Bend at breakneck speed without realising that speed without direction is the quickest way to kill oneself?!
My biggest fear in life is failure (leisure/ laziness = failure), so I spend a lot of time running away from what I think is failure, and into things that are absolutely NOT my portion, when the truth of the matter is Taking Time Aint Laziness! 
I should put a disclaimer here and say this isn't an endorsement for people to have zeal without haste, because laziness never got anyone anywhere and there's enough time to rest when we're dead.  I've just learnt that instead of chasing after things that were never meant for you, sometimes its okay to chill out and wait for your opportunity to reveal itself..
watch THIS for better understanding
still throwing 7 different kinds of smoke every opportunity I get, just trying not to huff n puff myself out while doing so!


Chomy said...

i want to HUG you cuz you MAKE SO MUCH SENSE~
islowing down is the one time you self access and process, that's when you find out what you want and what you know which will in turn help you self actualize ...

Stay Awesome bbz!!!!

Florie said...

I'm so glad it makes sense to someone aside from myself!!why am i only just learning such an easy concept!?smh

Anonymous said...

I know you are not the type to spill the bean baout it but , I was wasting my time on Youtube the other day and I saw a vid of you doing the new new look's campaign , I was literally .....*insert pic of my jaw dropping on the table* lol then I saw the pic on the Tube....I was so proud of you, I have been reading your blog for some times now and it is great that you rae doing BIG THINGS


Florie said...

:O i shot it a couple of months ago and I only really told a few people because i didn't think my face would be all over the frikkin tube lol i cant believe you recognised me!!thank you so much for the words of encouragement they're greatly appreciated!x