Staaaaart spreaaaadin' the newwwwws I'm leavin' tahhhdaaaay I'm gonna be a part of it New Yorrrk New Yorrrrk! I'll be there as soon as someone gives me plane fare, money to cover my excess luggage, a converted brownstone in Brooklyn to lay my head, some diamonds, a couple of furs and a stack of cash to live on 'cause we all know breakfast at Tiffany's doesn't come cheap.. [high five.. *crickets*] 
I'm literally itching to get the fashion week experience in all four cities, but the frenzy, the bustle, the crisp chill of the New York air, needless to say this past week has been torture for me, but life goes on so without further yip yap check out my AW 11 faves..

The Row
Mk and Ash are so on the mark with this, words cant begin to describe how much at-oneness i feel with the entire collection, the tailoring, the palette the FUR, the moccasins [flatlines] .. I'll definitely be doing EVERYTHING in my power to get to one of their bags that are said to be priced around the Hermes mark ..FML super hard but still [Likes This]

Theysken's Theory 
I dry heaved when i set eyes on the tutu(?)-over-t-shirt-over-tulle maxi-skirt look.. [Likes This]

Alex Wang
the loafers, the slim silk trousers, the fur jacket with the tuxedo detailing.. [Likes This]

Proenza Schouler
the print, the colours, the leather, the sheer tops, the strappy sandals ..[Likes This]

the colours, the thigh-high splits, the embellishment, the sheerness, the overall sophistication ..[Likes This]

ps. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Christian Siriano for giving me a genuine 'aaaahh' moment with his finale ensemble..

so basically next winter I'm gonna have my boobs out with all the sheer tees and lace I'll be wearing, and I'll be alternating between the following for decency and warmth..  A.some form of Navajo-inspired cover-up  B.a croc-leather biker jacket  C.a massive decadent grey fur jacket.

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