McQueen and I

I remember reading an interview a few months ago that Detmar Blow gave about the about the troubled relationship between his late wife Isabella and Lee McQueen, the abandonment, the depression, the waning recognition for her ability to spot mayjaaah talent etc, I found it strange that even though he's married with a son and has seemingly moved on with his life he was still speaking about a situation that died when Alexander took his life.
Personal curiosities aside, I guess he was merely preparing us for the documentary that showed on More4 last last Friday evening in which he gave great insight into the complexities of the relationship between the designer and his muse. The story resonates with anyone who has a heart, and to see it in documentary-form makes it even more heartbreaking, so incase you haven't already, please watch the documentary here or here because it's a MUST SEE!
While I don't necessarily believe that a tortured soul is the main catalyst in the production of brilliant art, whether its in the form of design, sculpture, portraiture etc, I definitely think it added a certain mystique to McQueen's work. Every collection he produced was a shade darker than the last and the emotion his clothes evoked, definitely imply a great emotional investment on his behalf.

Ps. JEALOUS of everyine who gets to see the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition at the Met in NY. It's running from May 4th to July 31st.. fingers crossed it comes to the V&A after.. [gets on hands and knees in supplication]

Pps. for further reading you should check out get authored a book called 'Blow by Blow', it's authored by Detmar Blow and Tom Sykes about the life and times of Isabella Blow.

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