I had the pleasure of attending a seminar held by the wonderful people at Fashion Workroom, which is a non-profit run by Ola Akinlade. The organisation is focused "providing inspiration and motivation for young people through fashion". It was a really great evening, I got to meet the beauty behind Glutton for Grandeur who was a vision in a chic Audrey Hepburn-esque ensemble (forgot to take a picture though tut tut)
It's nice to have these kind of events to network and meet fellow creatives, and to meet younger people who are interested in fashion but aren't fully aware of how to get involved and just how many roles there are aside from stylist, designer and photographer! The panel of speakers included my best friend and partner in all things bright and beautiful Danielle Scott-Haughton of Cut and Swallow clothing, and Video Director of Super Super magazine, Joel Dash of the Dash Empire, and current stylist to Nicki Minaj, Sarah Barnes who's the Founder and Editor of Uplift magazine, and Ola Akinlade herself who's a PR powerhouse!
pea coat; H&M/ jumper; H&M men's/ jeans; Uniqlo/ wedges boots; Acne 
Danielle in an original Cut and Swallow dress
Joel and I doing the shoe point!

ps. if anyone saw me huffing n puffing into the auditorium I'd just like to insert that I'd just left the Fashion East show in Monument and decided to walk from there to Oxford Circus [EPIC FAIL] Lesson well and truly Learnt, if I didn't before, then I now know that the cobbled streets of London are A.not the place to work off the Oreos you had for breakfast, brunch and lunch, B.not your catwalk unless you're wearing flats.


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Wow, looks like such a great discussion going on! I love the dress!! xoxoxo

Florie said...

It was a really great night, it's so nice to have talks and seminars for young people interested in fashion but unsure of what avenue to take into it.x

Eri said...

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thank you Florie for your sweet commt's on my blog.
i have seen your face and booty lol, all over New Look shop in France, couple of days ago. you looked good.

Florie said...

NO WAAAAY!!!that's hilarious I had no idea my face and booty would be used in France!!haha that's so cool!