Friday After Last

It's getting a little bit brighter, but the weather's still disappointing for this time of year, nevertheless every time a complaint attempts to leave my mouth I have to remind myself how blessed I am that all we're suffering from in England right now is measly drizzle.. and that said drizzle wont carry my home and loved ones away. 
With that in mind, a day I'd have called mundane a week ago, I now consider extremely blessed. I woke up in a warm bed, had 6 pots of Petit Filous for breakfast, 2 jam doughnuts for brunch (don't judge me), watched The Wizards Of Waverly Place and had a nap. In the face of the seemingly insurmountable hardships others are going through, I'm so thankful for everything I have right now.
I remember crying really hard when my vocal tutor told me the story behind the song below.. I cant begin to comprehend what the people of Japan are going through a week after the Earthquake and Tsunami hit them.. I have no words 


samecookiesdifferent said...

lovely outfit
the cookies
share the feeling
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Florie said...

thanks girls!x

I'm Just Me said...

love the dress!!! srry so late answering your question, I got the boots from they're by Dollhouse - Lillic Lace Up Bootie