Sweets For My Feet

The eternal British-weather enthusiast in me will never be subdued, so far we've only had two full days of sunny weather and I'm already munching on solero's, and eyeing up anything and everything with a little colour on it, that might help me overcome my colour-phobia before the full onset of the great British summer. Guys, all hail the 'sours' collection by Kandee shoes which appear to be the perfect accompaniment to my dark, monochromatic sense of dress.. I'm currently convincing myself buying a pair in every colour would be a wise investment for the summer of colour blocking ahead,
my picks go as follows..
Raspberry Sours
Lemon Sours

Let me also say that I would LOOOOOOOVE to go on a tryst with the 'Peanut Crunchy' booties on my feet..


Leigh said...

such pretty shoes! love the pink ones the best...the weather has also been much better!


joninel said...

really like it! PRETTY!

Florie said...

I know right, I'm completely obsessed with the pink courts and the leopard booties!

Maddalena said...