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I think it's a major accomplishment if I'm awake, bathed, fed and dressed by 11am on a Saturday morning. So I'm currently giving myself a pat on the back for getting my shit together this morning, if I'm needed I'll be found reading the new issue of Lurve in my reading corner.. yes the corner where I hoard all the copies of Vogue, Teen Vogue, Purple, V, 10, Numero, Love, Pop etc, that have survived many a spring clean. In my defence however, 3 years on a fashion degree would turn anyone into a magazine librarian, I only convinced myself to throw half my collection away a month ago ..believe it or not, some of my Teen Vogue's date back to 2004 on a scale of 1 to 10 how lame am I?
wearing charity shop jumper and scarf and ASOS leggings and jewellery

absolutely obsessed with Lykke Li's new album, contemplating getting the physical copy so I can hold it when i listen and add it to my defunct collection of CDs .. like a weirdo.


Jen said...

Love Lykke Li's New Offering Too x

I Live For It said...

These photos are awesome!
So happy I stumbled on your blog, it's fantastic! Following you now. ;)

I Live For It

Xx. Jewls and Liza

I Live For It said...
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Florie said...

aww yaaaay!!following back girls!xx

Dee O. said...

Your photos are so nice! And I loooove Lykke Li :) Her album is the bizness!


Florie said...

aww thank you, my tripod and I really appreciate that!