Had such a relaxing weekend full of ice lollies, wine, ebay, family and food!
went to the Tate Modern to see my bestie speak at the opening of an exhibit of Mona Hatoum's works, but due to my BPT (definition to be found under CPT in the Urban Dict.) my mumma and I got there just as it was wrapping up-tut tut-as well as missing the talk I took like 5 really abysmal pictures.. note to self: Do Better
myself, Yasmin(the gentlest of all Gentlewomen.. look at her cute basket!) and Dani in a Cut and Swallow original!
so JEALOUS of her Lita's ..might have to treat myself to a pair now they're actually in store at Office!
Randomly became obsessed with black denim cut-offs on Friday night, so insanely obsessed that I cut up a pair of my reserve black skinnies just so I could wear them the next day..
how I wore them on saturday with an old shirt of my mum's, suede booties annnnd unripped tights for once.. I figured the ripped shorts filled the 'hoochie' quota for this outfit.

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