Paris Fashion Week

With all the hoopla that's been going down in Paris over the past week, I stopped looking out for the shows and followed the gossip instead.. but I've whittled down my faves in order of LOVE

it's weird how cohesive the collection is considering Miuccia's main reference points are '80's power-dressing' and 50's elegance.. LOVE everything from the top-heavy silhouettes to the A-line fur trimmed coats.

Baroque+Black Panthers= big jungle cats roaming around the Colosseum, hunting prey and being all majestic n shit.. one of those bombers needs to find its way to my wardrobe

I personally don't understand how Decarnin sticks with the same formula every season but still manages to make every collection look fresh ?_? (serious question mark-eye)

Anne Valerie Hash
I think this collection is the closest to what I'm aiming for come A/W, very accessible, wearable looks from AVH

Rue du Mail
love the knitted pieces and the tailored cut-out pieces..

ooh ahhh Paris moment courtesy of Ajak Deng at Mugler.. I love her so much

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