Spring is right around the corner so before it truly takes hold, I'm taking it upon myself to slowly incorporate more colour into my wardrobe. My hatred for structure and colour is unfortunate and if left untreated will lead to my demise.. my strategy to phasing out the excessive amount of black and grey in my life is to wear an obnoxiously bright item of clothing every couple of days BY FORCE! easing myself into this by first doing tops and small accessories eg. socks as seen below
lipstick; Mac (Ruby Woo) / mustard t-shirt; H&M/ blue socks; H&M
absolutely love my newly acquired croc-leather Mulberry shoulder bag courtesy of my uncle who found it in a house clearance he did a week ago! is anyone else trying and failing to incorporate more colour into their wardrobe?? speak to me guys i neeeeed help!


BESOS LYNN said...

Colorful and fashionable! Love the pops of color. Especially the socks with the nude colored shoe! Great post

Sarai said...

Lovely colors beautiful lady.. diggin' the hair too!

duckalicious said...

omfg, amazing!!! and your profile photo, you're so modeliscious!

duckalicious said...

oh wait a minute! the hair is new too, isn't it? I've been gone too long!

Florie said...

thank you ladies! I need help getting my head around this colour thing!
ps.Duck you have been off galavanting way too long girl!i need to see a post about every beach you chilaxed on please stat!

Superblondeep said...

WOW! You are very beautiful!! i love your new look!! the blonde hair it´s cool...hehehe (I´m Superblonde hahaha) kiss honey!

Florie said...

thanks Superblonde I'm LOVING being a blonde, wish I'd done it sooner!!

Jen said...

*chokes your bag OMG! your bag im so jel!

the way you've incorporated colour into your outift is brill.


Florie said...

thanks doll! the bag is currently my most prized possession!