Easter Pastels

Happy belated Easter to one and all!!I hope you all had a fun and fulfilling time celebrating the risen king? Like most good South Africans do on a bank holiday, I ate beef and boerwors (dont ask) and drank beer. I had such a relaxing time with the family, even the fact that I fell bum first into a thorny rose bush couldn't stop me.. until this morning when I realised there are tiny punctures and scratches all over my right bum cheek and arms. As long as it stays warm over the next week I can let my little wounds heal in these super old Levi's.
I feel 10x as strung out as I look in the picture above so I'm thinking a hair mask, a hot chocolate and bed in this peach YSL jumper I stole from an ex!
ps. you can totally thank me later for introducing you to one of the biggest tunes to ever have come out of the Kwaito scene in S.A... this right here got multiple replays last night


Indira said...

That color looks gorgeous on you.

happy hunting!


Baby Budget Blog said...

Very pretty! Loving these colors!!


Carolina said...

oh you are so gorgeous! i love your piercing!!xox

Florie said...

thanks ladies, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter full of chocolate and questionable behaviour??haha!x

maphi said...

i love the colour of that jumper and you look fab xoxo

Anonymous said...

The jumper looks good on you, those shorts looks good on you, that lipstick looks good on you, your hair is always hip, and I love that nail polish! You're the best :)