PROM, the very mention of this word sends me into violent fits of nausea and uncontrollable weeping. 6years ago I went to my prom in a tight, red Nicole Farhi dress with gold shoes from Kurt Geiger and matching gold accessories, I topped this off with a burgundy weave and red lip gloss (I looked like a yardy baby-prostitute). I'll never be able to get over the fact that I let myself be photographed/ video'd looking like that long as I live.
So in the spirit of all things Eastery and redemptiony I was allowed to supervise my sister's prom shopping today, thereby redeeming myself (in my own eyes) after the way I wronged my very own self all those years ago..
anywehhdoh it was all going swimmingly until the friggin rain made a mockery of my bare legs and midriff, but we came home with a beautiful Biba gown so all's well that ends well I guess!


Di said...

hahaha fun story :DDD
cute outfit & love the accessories! adore the rabbit(?) ring, horse watch-necklace and coral nails~~~ xo Diana

Florie said...

thanks Di, the rabbit ring is tres easter approps non?

lil miss Sauniya' said...

lool poor you :P
I love the outfit, especially the shoes :) xx

Dee O. said...

SUCH a cute outfit!! And I love Frank Ocean....his music is just on a whooooole other level!

And I know wut you mean abt prom...not my finest moment lol


Baby Budget Blog said...

Loving the cropped striped top with the shorts! Effortless :)

Jen said...

this outfit is so effortless and chic.
*sighs* prom I also looked questionable- puffy yellow dress -__-

Jen xx

Florie said...

Okay I'm starting to think we all need some counselling to do-over the damage we did at our proms ..?

Le Temps d'M said...

nice outfit! :)